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15/11/2011 - Edertone gets involved with the development for the Purification Garcia online web shop.

In order to meet the needs of maintenance and evolution for the Purification Garcia online store, the StLonia firm has decided to count with Edertone for the development of the new features that involve the day by day on the famous brand.

To meet these objectives, Edertone has made available to the project an extensive experience in developing Internet business applications, covering languages and frameworks like Flex / Flash, Javascript, HTML5, GWT, among others.

About Purification Garcia

Purificacion Garcia was born in Castrelo do Valle, a village in the province of Orense. She grew up in Montevideo, Uruguayan town where her family moved when she was barely a year old. Her first job was in a textile company in this city, where she acquired a great knowledge of the tissue, the basis of her future profession. 1973: At 21 moves to Canada, where she gets in contact with the skin world. 1977: After a brief period in New York, decides to return to Spain.

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