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Software for air curtain offers calculation and generation

Multi-language and multi-platform desktop application with access to centralized web server for real time data retrieving.


- User based security system for exclusive company customers access.

- Automatic configuration for all the parameters of an air curtain, either color, size or model, thereby obtaining reference values and 2D or 3D preview.

- Calculation of energy savings for the installation of an air curtain according to parameters such as size of the door, wind speed, curtain model, annual usage period, etc ...

- Management for the offers to customers and dealers

- Project creation for multiple doors and aircurtains, letting users choose their custom configuration according to the size of the door through a simple drag/drop procedure.

Distributed at international level between the customers and Airtecnics business partners.

Customer: Airtecnics

Founded in 1986, Airtècnics is from 1993 fully integrated in the Rosenberg Group, an organization specializing in the design, manufacturing and distribution of equipments and components of ventilation and air conditioning with factories, subsidiaries and agencies in more than 50 countries.
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