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Development of a software tool for CE documents marking

Application for Centroalum company based on Adobe Flex and Air technologies.

The main features of the application are the full compatibility with existing operating systems and the real time data synchronization . Through an update system, the application always has the latest data from the central Centroalum server, leaving the possibility to work offline with the data from the last connection.

The objective of the application is to provide users the ability to generate CE marking documents quickly and effective, with an intuitive interface that allows you to insert the technical data easily.

The basic features are:

- Generating PDF documents for CE marking
- Record-keeping machines
- Registration of nonconformities
- Customer Management
- ...

Customer: Centroalum

Centro Alum was founded in 1984 as a distributor of aluminum building and habitat.

The central facilities are located in Sabadell (Vallès Occidental), with one of the most strategic centers of Catalonia road, the highway C-58 (Barcelona-Manresa) and AP-7 motorway that runs along the coastline between France and the Levant . This excellent location ensures quick and effective logistics with customers and suppliers.
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