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Edertone is an informatics engineering company dedicated to develop software using the latest technologies of the moment. As specialists in high-level applications, we offer a scalable service to our customers, whether they are small or large businesses.

We are located in Castellar del Vallès, near Sabadell and a few minutes from Barcelona city. A privileged location that guarantees our presence in one of the most important and advanced regions for the IT sector in Spain.


Our customers include all size companies from all sectors, many of them being high prestige firms distributed on various geographic locations. The following logos include a small sample of some of the customers that trust in our quality and commitment:


Why Edertone?

At Edertone we are committed to innovation and efficiency. Our passion is technology and we are always one step ahead. Even by using the latest tools or investing in innovative projects, our goal is always to push a bit higher.

No matter the challenge or the project. We are a specialized company and we can guarantee a 100% professional response because we do not outsource our development. Our team is our most powerful value and what makes us one of the most innovative companies in this field. It's not casualty that we've been recognized for our work in various mainstream media and with the confidence that our customers have every day on us.

Our team

With an extensive academic background and a large experience in the area, all Edertone employees guarantee the best results for our customers. Our professional developing team has an excellent level in creating and maintaining applications that can be executed the same way over desktop and Web environments. A wide range of successful projects prove our quality and methodology, the same as our long list of customers that trust their IT systems to Edertone day after day.

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Edertone Advanced Solutions S.L.

Castellar del Vallès (08211) · Barcelona · Spain

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