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RIA applications

Rich Internet Applications - Cloud computing

The term Rich Internet applications (or RIA) is used to define Web applications that behave the same as their traditional desktop counterparts, but can run in any web browser. Unlike traditional websites, these applications are designed to perform complex tasks that were traditionally exclusive to desktop programs, providing great flexibility and power to the end user. For RIA development is necessary to combine a number of complementary technologies in both the client and server.

Client technologies

Currently, there are many technologies that allow creating RIA applications. Still, the most widely used platform for professional development is Adobe Flex, which provides a totally browser and operating system independent environment. This technology is perfectly complemented with the AIR runtime to create cross-platform desktop applications. HTML5 exists as an open source alternative technology with frameworks like GWT that allow greater interactivity to cross-browser web applications. At Edertone we will advise you to choose the technology that best fits your project requirements and take care of the entire project development.

Adobe FLEX - Adobe AIR - HTML 5 - Javascript - Adobe Flash

Server technologies

RIAs allow great flexibility for the technologies to use on the server layer. That's why any environment can be used without problems. Among the most common and widespread ones we find Java and PHP as the development languages and MySQL or PosgreSQL as the database management systems. Still, any other can be seamlessly integrated into a RIA system. At Edertone we are specialists in the most common server technologies, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.



At Edertone we're specialized in RIA development, and we always choose the most appropriate technology for each project depending on the customer needs.

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