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Mobile devices

Advanced development for tablets and smartphones

The remarkable growth on the mobile device market has caused an exponential increase of interest in developing applications for Smartphones and tablets. These devices provide excellent mobility which combined with their increasing computing power allows the creation of highly interactive applications. On the other hand, the possibility of incorporating the Cloud philosophy to the mobile development increases the possibilities and productivity exponentially, allowing these devices to be part of more complex software systems.

Cloud systems integration

The sector of business applications is increasingly benefiting from Cloud aimed developments, also known as Cloud technology. This approach allows increasing more and more the data centralization and both temporal and geographical availability. Such ecosystems are increasingly requiring software developments aimed at mobile devices that allow lowering costs and reaching a greater number of terminals. To meet this objective, Edertone uses multi-platform technologies that are capable of distributing the same application to different manufacturer devices, avoiding the need for a different development on each operating system, minimizing errors and enhancing the efficiency of the projects.

Ipad - Blackberry - Android - Iphone

Benefits of multi-platform technologies

The use of multi-platform technologies for the development of mobile applications provides great advantages. Being a very variable market, no one can guarantee that device and operating system manufacturers will be leading the market during different periods of time. The fact is that developing applications that do not rely specifically on a particular platform ensures that platform changes won't be problematic and exponentially accelerates multi device development. Currently there are several environments that allow you to achieve this goal, most notably Adobe AIR that enables the integration of highly extended languages like Javascript, Flex, AS3 or HTML5.

Adobe FLEX - Adobe AIR - HTML 5 - Javascript - Adobe Flash

At Edertone we are specialists in multi-platform application development for mobile devices like Smartphones and Tablets.

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