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1/2/2014 - Edertone assumes the front-end development for a Web project on the BDigital company

With the start of a new project in the BDigital company, aimed to manage a user system and its related entities, Edertone has been chosen to handle the front-end part that will manage communication between the browser and the related web services, plus the implementation of the visual appearance, which taking advantage of modern HTML5 web standards will offer a next generation experience for mobile devices and desktop screens. This will be possible thanks to the use of a responsive design based visual layout and the Bootstrap Javascript framework.

About BDigital

Barcelona Digital Technology Centre (BDigital) is an advanced technology center specialized in the application of Information Technology and Communication (IT) in the fields of Health, Safety, Mobility, Energy, Power and Environment.



To encourage the growth of IT and business transformation to the new digital society through research and development of new products and knowledge-intensive services with high added value, to improve the competitiveness of the Catalan economy.

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